Children's camp

A beautiful children's camp, a dream playground...

This beautiful children's camp was created to accommodate a carefree childhood escape in a dreamy natural playground. In our welcoming domain we offer high quality camping life and the best trained staff. Our main concerns are the safety, the entertainment, the neatness, the exercise and healthy diet of all our little campers.

The adventure camp Freeland is built in 6,000 acres of a pine forest, in altitude of 400 meters, in the region of the historic village Chiliomodi. It occupies an area of 50 acres; it is gated and it is filled with lush pines, acacias, eucalyptus, laurels, arbutus, etc. A tiny "country" of freedom, adventure and action surrounded by a magical environment and set in modern facilities designed to offer safely pleasure, entertainment, sports and fun.

In this "children’s” world that is full of adventure, our little campers are introduced to new experiences, broaden their intellectual horizons, develop technical skills, improve their fitness and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Freeland’s personnel will assist your children in this magical journey, keeping them safe as they explore the nature and themselves through an endless game of knowledge and skills.

Surrounded by an amazing natural setting, staffed with personnel with years of experience in outdoor activities and having a great love to the camping institution, the “Freeland” camp is not a simple summer getaway but a family, who will welcome you in its arms and hold you always.

We are parents and educators above all; and we try our best for the most precious gifts we have in our lives, our children. Our goal is through safety to provide a recreational stay with high educational standards.

n 2009 we opened our doors and our hearts introducing Freeland to the world. Since then and always full of innovative ideas that every parent wants for his child, we have been established in the camping institute and we are practice our philosophy every day in the summer.

  • Do not waste any more time! Freeland is waiting to welcome you to the family and the magic of a country full of freedom, relaxation, adventure, action, friendship, fun, joy, sports, entertainment and familiarity with nature.

    Alexandros Athanasopoulos
    Tzeni Kortzi
    Camp Owners


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