• The children are picked up by the parents with the indication of their identity card or by third parties with a certified authorization. If a guardian is appointed the camp registration office must be notified in writing.
  • Do not bring food or/and desserts to the kids in the visiting hours because there is a danger of deterioration.
  • Sharp objects are not permitted (knife, screwdriver etc.) as well as indelible markers.
  • The parents are immediately informed for any medical events by the camp clinic. If it is considered that the child must leave the camp, parents are obliged to comply.
  • The costs of the drugs for regular and/or immediate treatments for the children are covered by their parents.
  • Children have liability insurance.
  • The residence time is calculated from the arrival day including the departure day, if this is done after noon.
  • The camp operates a "bank", where children can leave money or valuables for safekeeping and may obtain a card for their purchase in the cafeteria.
  • Mobile phones are NOT allowed. If parents wants their children to use the mobile phone, they sign a relevant responsible statement upon their arrival at our place. Electronic toys and lasers are prohibited.
  • The camp accepts no responsibility for any losses or the destruction of objects such as: money, personal belongings, mobile, etc.


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