A first time camper? Do not worry

A first time camper? Separate from your kid for the first time? Do not worry. This summer you will give to your kid a unique experience. Your child will have a wonderful adventure that will accompany him or her throughout his/her life.

All our little “adventurers” are called probably for the first time to experience something alone, without you. This is why your assistance for a smoothly adaptation to this brand new environment is crucial and we can promise you that it will lead to an unforgettable full of creativity summer.

Come and visit us! Meet us before the beginning of the camping period and ask us any questions you have. Accept that you will be away for a while from your kid and trust that the people who are looking after her/him are responsible and parents themselves.

Prepare their camp supplies together and talk to them about how their will make new friends, play games, try new activities etc. It is important to avoid any contact for the first two days. It will be difficult (we understand that) but he/she will adapt more easily this way, without thinking that you are worried. Give him/her the opportunity to communicate himself/herself with you to tell you how things are.

With your help and our own knowledge, experience and love for the children, we will make sure they will have a unique full of action and adventure summer.

These experiences and memories will accompany them throughout their lives!


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